Olga Popyrina
Born in Nairobi, Kenya. Grew up in Kenya, the USA and Russia with relatives spread out all over the world. Educated at the Academy of Architecture in Moscow.
She now works in Sweden and produces her work in the country. Olga Popyrina’s work often reveals the influence of traditional Japanese aesthetics, with its supreme simplicity and its tradition of creating art using everyday objects.
“I learnt from Ingo Maurer, who has been very important to me, not to give up until I have a design that is as streamlined as possible. He has also encouraged and inspired me to create a collection of my own, with production that I can supervise myself.”

Represented in a number of private collections and in many institutions and museums.

A multicultural upbringing and an intense life of travel have provided a broad creative perspective. This has encouraged a search for the essence of things and has sharpened her expression with its simplicity and streamlining, without losing playfulness and humour; work that demands commitment and sacrifices. Her creations are born rather than produced, often as a natural progression of a dreamed experience.

A central theme of Olga Popyrina’s work is her determination to find expressions that can be found in very diverse cultures. Primitive forms that unite rather than divide, in a deeply human way.

Olga Popyrina brings life and soul to the room.

Olga Popyrina, who has the world as her workplace, is launching her own collection. Works by Olga Popyrina have been exhibited and bought in most parts of the world and have often appeared in publications in the design press, such as Wallpaper, Architectural Digest, Elle Interiör and others.

The collection includes PEACE DOVES, made of Parian china, a material that is seldom used in lighting. Parian is a china that contains a lot of glass and has a shiny, tactile surface. In daylight the material is opaque and has an almost sculptural character. In twilight, the thin Parian china develops glass-like qualities and lets through a warm light. PEACE DOVES have previously featured in the International Contemporary Furniture Fair, New York, the INDEX Interior Design Show, Dubai, Russia, Sweden.

Olga Popyrina goes her own way, relying on the centuries-old expertise in industry and craftsmanship at the Rörstrand Center in Lidköping. “If we do not make use of the knowledge we have acquired and the traditions we have built up for generations, in the end we will not have any high-quality art or commercial objects quality to offer. We will not have anything to trade with… I have met many wonderful, knowledgeable and clever people in Lidköping who have not given up, despite industrial and economic crises. They have given me the strength and courage to continue working.”

At the Rörstrand Center Olga Popyrina works intimately with, among others, colleagues from the PrintDesign company, renowned for their work with the Nobel dinnerware and the official royal dining ware in porcelain.

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